Welcome to Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester (Friends Legal).  As one of the leading personal injury claims firms in the UK, we are expertly placed to offer you accident claims advice.  If you have been injured in an accident in Leicester, and it was not your fault, then call us today to start your claim for personal injury compensation.

All of the Leicester personal injury solicitors that we have on our roster are fully regulated, registered, and specialist lawyers.  All of our solicitors are reputable and friendly meaning you have the peace of mind that you are in good hlands.

No Win No Fee* Solicitors Leicester

Our personal injury lawyers all work on a no win no fee* agreement.  This means you don’t need to worry about paying any upfront legal fees to our solicitors, and they will only get paid upon the successful completion of your Leicester injury claim.

Accident Claims Leicester: How it Works

Make an Accident Claims with Our Lawyers

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Working with our team is very easy and straight forward.  We won’t baffle you with jargon or legal speak.  All you do is phone our number to speak to one of our claims specialists.  They will take details of your accident and ask you some basic questions.

If they then feel that there is a personal injury case to answer, you will be assigned a solicitor.  They will process the claim for you, contact all the relevant parties, and fight to win you the maximum amount of compensation possible for your injury of accident.

Personal Injury Lawyers Leicester: Case Types

The types of claims that we deal with can vary hugely.  As a general rule of thumb though, the most common compensation cases that our Leicester personal injury solicitors and lawyers deal with include, but are not limited to:

Types of Injury Claims

Even if you don’t see a specific injury type to you, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a personal injury claim in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Please contact us today if you would like us to arrange you an appointment and legal representation from the Friends Legal Limited.

How We Work – Simple Accident Claims Advice in Leicestershire

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then it can be quite a stressful time.  You might have be signed off work, lose earnings, or require expensive medical treatment.  It doesn’t take long for the bills to mount up.  That’s where our personal injury lawyers and solicitors can help.

Our experts and specialists are perfectly placed to offer you the best advice available so you can be certain you are in good hands.  This is how we work.

First off call us now on our telephone number.  You will be put through to an accident claims advice specialist at our UK call centre who will ask you a few simple questions about your accident or injury.  This can include questions such as:

  1. Where and when did the accident happen?
  2. Did you need any medical treatment?
  3. Were there any witnesses to the accident?
  4. Have you or anyone else incurred expenses due to the accident?
  5. Have you had any time off work?
  6. What affects have your injuries had on your day to day life?

Based on that information we should be able to very quickly ascertain if you have a case to answer and whether or not you can claim for compensation with a Leicester personal injury solicitor.  If we believe that you are then in some cases we might be able to tell you how much compensation you are due.

Our commitment to our clients is to make sure that they are represented as best as possible and receive only the very best in legal advice from professional and qualified personal injury lawyers.

During your personal appointment, our solicitors will take as much additional information from you as possible and work to ensure that you receive the best outcome as possible for your accident claim.

Accident Claim Solicitors Leicester

All of our lawyers work on a no win no fee* basis meaning you don’t have any expensive legal fees to pay with their fees coming from any final compensation amount.  We find that this way of working means that anyone in Leicestershire who needs to make an accident claim in the city or county can gain access to the legal system in order to claim for personal injury compensation.

Visit The Leicester Government website for information on local businesses and how they can support you.

*other costs could be payable