Factory & Warehouse Accident Compensation Claims in Leicester

Our specialist solicitors ** can help people in Leicester who have been involved in accidents at work, in particular in warehouse and factory environments.

We work on a no win on fee* arrangement and offer free phone consultations to all callers.

If you would like to discuss what your options are in confidence, then please call our helpline on 0116 214 5630^. We can also tell you why you should not be worried about making a personal injury claim against a current employer, as the law is on your side.

Warehouse Accident Claims in Leicester

Warehouses can be dangerous places if the proper safety precautions are not put in place. If you work or live in Leicester and have been injured whilst at work, then it might be possible for you to claim for warehouse accident compensation.

Our solicitors ** will help you to claim for financial compensation which will help pay for medical bills, take care of any loss of earnings, and also provide the safeguards you need for your future.

When you call us, we will ask you some quick questions about the warehouse accident, and then quickly be able to decide whether you can make a claim through us.

The most common accidents that occur in Leicester warehouses include the following:

Factory Accident Claims in Leicester

Your employer has a legal duty to protect you whilst working, and the rules and legislation within factories are very strict. There are many dangers whilst working in these environments, and our solicitors ** are specialists in helping Leicester residents make factory accident claims.

Despite the safety measures that your employer might take, a factory accident can still happen, and so will the need to make claims. Most of the time, accidents can be attributed to third party negligence, such as a co-worker or your employer. This could include factory accidents such as:

  • Being hit by falling objects
  • Crushing injuries
  • Defective machinery or equipment
  • Electric shock or Electrocution
  • Exposure to dangerous substances
  • Fork lift truck accidents
  • Industrial deafness
  • Industrial injury
  • Industrial disease
  • Manual handling injuries and strains
  • Slips, trips, and falls

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What To Do Next?

Factory accident compensation will vary depending on how seriously you were injured, and the financial losses that you incurred. To get an accurate appraisal, please call us on 0116 214 5630^ so our experts can gather more information from you for our specialist no win no fee * solicitors **.

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