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Of all the work injury claims that we deal with, RSI — or repetitive strain injury — is probably the one that employer’s least take seriously. That should not be the case, though, as RSI can be very painful and have drastic effects on a person’s quality of life. Because of that, it is sometimes possible for our solicitors ** to claim for relatively large compensation amounts.

What is Repetitive Strain Injury?

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is the medical term for damage to the tissues in the hand and arm area which occurs after repeated manual actions. This could be related to lifting heavy objects, typing, and computer work. It affects office workers, and those in the construction trade, alike.

Those with RSI can suffer from severe pain, and this can include a numb feeling, tingling, loss of strength, and other factors.

The most common jobs that will lead to repetitive strain injury include the following types, although this list should not be viewed as comprehensive.

  • Using computers or typing for long periods
  • Machine and equipment operators
  • Heavy lifting and manual work
  • Using vibrating tools, such as drills
  • Cradling a phone for long periods of time

Even if your role isn’t listed, if you have RSI, and we can relate it to the negligence or fault of a third party, then we can help you to claim. Contact our team specialising in repetitive strain injury claims for Leicester.

No Win No Fee RSI Claims

Our no win, no fee * solicitors ** help people in Leicester with repetitive strain injury compensation. Call our team today for a quick telephone consultation, which is free. We will be able to quickly tell you whether you are eligible for any damages.

Claim for RSI Compensation in Leicester

If you think you are affected, and would like to make an RSI claim in Leicester, then read our short guide below as to what the symptoms are. We will need to get you assessed by a doctor in order to proceed with a compensation case. If you fit any of the specifics below and have not yet been diagnosed, then please book an appointment now. For a full definition of RSI, please visit the NHS website.

Once you have been diagnosed with RSI, we will then be able to work with you on a compensation claim, providing that we can establish that the pain is due to your working environment. The types of medical conditions that make up RSI claims can include:

  • Carpal tunnel
  • De Quervain’s syndrome
  • Trigger finger

How Much Are RSI Compensation Claims Worth?

All repetitive strain injury claims will differ in the compensation paid out, as each person’s condition will be different in most cases. It’s all down to how much pain and suffering you have, and financial losses that we can attribute to your RSI claim.

There are some rough guidelines though which we can share, but we will not be able to properly estimate your RSI compensation until we have spoken to you – so call now to get your free claims guidance.

  • Full recovery inside a few months – Up to £2,300
  • Pain lasting for up to two years – Up to £6,200
  • Long-lasting occasional pain – Up to £10,500
  • Unable to work, surgery and ongoing pain – Between £10,500 and £15,000

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