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There are many solicitors in the UK and Leicester who don’t truly understand the risks that motorcyclists are subjected to on a daily basis when riding their bike. Many times they won’t be seen by other drivers, and can be put in very dangerous situations.

However, we are specialist motorbike accident solicitors, and in fact, some of our staff are bikers themselves so we understand how it works. If you have been hurt or had your bike damaged whilst on the road then we can help you to claim the maximum amount of motorbike accident compensation that you deserve.

Our lawyers all work on a no win no fee* agreement meaning you have nothing to lose in calling us today for a free phone consultation. Tell us a little bit more about what happened and let us guide you on what the next steps should be.

Motorbike Accident Claims Leicester

During the last decade our solicitors have helped motorcyclists in the UK and Leicestershire make successful personal injury and accident claims for accidents such as:

  • Serious brain, head, and spinal injuries
  • Compensation cases involved drivers who were not insured
  • Crashes caused by defectives cars and motorcycles
  • Poorly maintained road surfaces, oil spills, gravel and debris
  • Accidents that have happened abroad whilst riding

Number 1 for Motorcycle Accident Claims in Leicester

Leicestershire Motorbike Accident Compensation
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We firmly believe that we are the number one choice for motorbike personal injury claims in Leicester and have helped bikers and pillion passengers receive the justice that they deserve on hundreds of occasions.

All of our motorbike accident claims for compensation are run through a no win no fee* agreement meaning there is no financial risk to you. We understand your needs and wants, as well as the challenges you face on the roads.

Call today for a free phone consultation so we can tell you what your legal options are and how much compensation you could be owed.

How to Make a Motorcycle Accident Claim

We make it very easy, and it all starts with just one phone call into our team. It’s a free consultation and you are under no obligation to use our services. You will be speaking to a trained representative who is experienced in helping clients make a motorcycle accident claim. Leicester riders will be listened to with care and attention and then give the best next course of action to best benefit them.

How Much Motorbike Accident Compensation

No one claim is the same, so it’s not possible to give you an online estimate of how much personal injury compensation you could be due. Our motorbike accident solicitors will work with you, your family, medical professionals, witnesses, and insurance companies to determine the seriousness of the case.

We will then look to recover payments for pain and suffering as well as loss of earnings, damage to your bike, and any other associated and related costs incurred in the process.

Damage to Your Motorbike

We know how important your ride is to you. We will help you get swift repairs or replacements. Some insurance companies don’t pay out on kit, but we make a point of pursuing money for everything that was damaged during the claims process.

Pain and Suffering – Your Medical Care

Our lawyers and solicitors work with the medical professionals to get an idea on the extent of your injuries, recovery time, and any rehabilitation required. Based on that we can then claim for compensation for your injury.

The money recovered will cover not just the now, but also the future including any care costs that you might need in the future.

Finances, Expenses, and Costs

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Leicester then we will seek personal injury compensation for current and future medical care. We believe that it’s essential that you are in a position to pay for private medical care, and will seek compensation that can cover all eventualities.

In some cases we can even get motorbike accident compensation brought forward during the legal process so that you don’t have to worry about anything today.

If you would like to talk to us in confidence then call us today. Our Leicester motorcycle accident claim solicitors and specialists will treat your call with the highest level of understanding. Even if you decide not to use our services, we hope to give you free guidance so you know what you need to do next. Call us now on 0116 214 5630^

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