Cycling Accident Claims in Leicester

With cycling currently at a level of unprecedented popularity in the UK, it’s no surprise that we have seen a rise in cycling accidents in Leicester. Cycling accident compensation is paid out frequently because of this, and we can help those seeking to make a claim.

The chances of being severely injured are higher for cyclists than other road users when involved in collisions, or hitting potholes in the road. The reason is due to the significantly less protection available than that enjoyed by other road users — making cyclists very vulnerable. 

If you have been injured whilst cycling in Leicester — unlikely to be your fault — then you could be able to claim for cycling accident compensation using our friendly no win no fee * personal injury solicitors.

Types of Cycle Accident Claim We Can Help With

Our solicitors ** help cyclists in Leicester. Many of them are cyclists themselves, so they know the inherent dangers on the road here. The types of bicycle accident claims that we can and have helped with include, but are not limited to the following:

Making A Cycling Accident Claim in Leicester

In order to stand the best chance of success when making a cycling accident claim, there are some things you need to be aware of. Here is our short guide to what to do if involved in an accident:

  • If your injuries require medical treatment make sure an ambulance is called.
  • Keep any subsequent medical records.
  • If possible, ask any witnesses if they would be prepared to make a statement.
  • Write down number plates of any cars involved in the accident.
  • Take photographic evidence of damages and injuries.
  • If the police attend, get copies of their reports.

If you follow these guidelines above then it’s far more likely that your cycling accident claim will be successful. Even if you haven’t managed to do all of the above, please do still call us for a free phone consultation where we can tell you whether you are able to claim for bicycle accident compensation.

How Much Compensation Could You Be Due?

Every single case that we deal with will be assessed on an individual basis. We will not know until we have spoken to you and gathered details from you.

Your compensation award will be calculated based on injury severity, historic claims of a similar nature, and the following aspects.

What Can You Claim For?

We are able to pursue compensation amounts and payouts for a wide variety of instances, including personal injury and property damage. Those items that can be submitted as part of your bicycle injury claim are:

  • Personal injury, pain, and suffering (cuts, bruises, breaks, fractures).
  • Damage to your bicycle and repair or replacement costs.
  • Damage to bicycle equipment or items you were carrying.
  • Loss of earnings and loss of wages (current and future)
  • Travel costs relating to your accident
  • Private medical costs
  • Any other expenses that can be directly attributed to the accident

Most cyclists won’t have insurance policies themselves, so sometimes mistakenly believe this means they cannot be the recipient of cycle accident claims compensation. This is not true. If you want to know more, or are unsure about whether you qualify, then one phone call into our team will mean you can get an immediate answer.

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To get started, call our specialist cycling accident claims team. We are a friendly and compassionate team who are focussed on helping our clients receive the very best legal representation on a no win, no fee * agreement. 

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