Industrial Injury Compensation Claims in Leicester

We are able to help and support those workers in the Leicester and Leicestershire areas who have suffered an accident at work and wish to claim for compensation. Industrial injury compensation in Leicester will vary from case to case, but our solicitors have over a decade of experience in pursuing successful cases.

We work on a no win no fee* agreement for all clients, and offer an initial free phone consultation which is entirely confidential. On the call we can quickly assess your case and tell you whether you are eligible to make an industrial injury or accident claim. Call today to find out more on 0116 214 5630^.

How Much Industrial Injury Compensation?

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Industrial disease and injury can be very serious (click here for information on disease claims), with the effects sometimes lasting for many years.

This can have a drastic effect on your ability to work, and as such the compensation awards can be very high.

Each case that we deal with is very different, so industrial injury compensation amounts will vary from client to client. Until we have spoken to you we cannot realistically say how much you could be owed.

The aspects that our specialist lawyers and solicitors take into account when working on industrial injury claims in Leicester include:

  • Special Damages: Financial expenses you have incurred.
  • Travel Expenses: Either your own or family and friends.
  • Medical Expenses: Including any private care.
  • Nursing Care: If you require professional carers.
  • Holiday Loss: If your injury meant you had to cancel a holiday.
  • General Damages: Pain and suffering, and future financial loss.

Specialists in Industrial Injury Claims

Our solicitors have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of industrial accident claims, and you can count on them to fight tirelessly on your behalf. They are knowledgeable about the work environment of many different industry types in the Leicester area, the work cultures that go with them and how things can unfortunately go wrong for workers.

With a professional and friendly approach, they will navigate through the complex legal framework and legislation that surrounds industrial accident compensation claims so you get the best representation possible… with the best outcome financially for you and your family.

Industrial Injury at Work in Leicester: Your Employer

All employers and businesses in Leicester and Leicestershire must have insurance in place that is set aside to be used in the event of an industrial accident claim. The insurance will be arranged by them as a legal requirement in order to pay for any claims made by their employees.

Because of that, it means that if you have been the victim of an industrial accident in Leicester, any compensation payments that our solicitors win on your behalf will be paid for via an insurance company, and not by your employer.

Also, any worker making an industrial injury claim is protected by the law with regards to discrimination or being sacked. Your employer is not allowed to sack you just because you decided to make a claim.

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