Back Injury Compensation Claims in Leicester

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Back Injury Claims Leicester – Why Choose Us?

Back Injury Claims Leicester
If the pain was someone else’s fault then you could make a compensation claim.

Our personal injury solicitors all work on a no win no fee* agreement which means anybody in Leicester or Leicestershire can make a back injury claim regardless of their financial circumstances.

We will actively pursue all financial losses you have suffered, as well as those that can be expected to happen in the future.  That’s why people choose us for Leicester back injury claims as we always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get the best care and financial compensation as possible.

With a friendly and approachable team dedicated to back injury compensation claims in the Leicester area, we can quickly guide you on whether or not you can receive a payout.

Types of Back Injury Claims We Help With

A back injury can occur in any environment.  The seriousness will range from pain over a couple of weeks, to permanent disability or pain for their lifetime.  Within the back there are multiple bones that can be affected during a slip, trip, fall, or other accident, with the ligaments, tendons, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles all at risk of pain.

We will need to gather evidence that the accident was the fault of another person, company, business, or organisation in order to claim for a personal injury.  The types of incidences that we typically help people in Leicester with include (but are not limited to) the following accident types:

How Much Compensation for a Back Injury?

As with all personal injury claims, the amount of compensation a claimant receives all depends on how serious the injury is, plus any associated costs and expenses accrued. As personal injury solicitors we will look to recover damages and back injury compensation for pain and suffering, plus anything that you have been prevented from doing due to your injury. You can see a rough guideline to back injury compensation amounts in the table below.

Back Injury Compensation Leicester
These numbers are for guideline purposes only, as each claim will differ.

Your compensation payment could include aspects such as your job, a holiday, or day to day functions you can no longer perform.  We will assess how your back injury affects your future life too, not just today.

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