Bus Accident Claims in Leicester

Our personal injury solicitors ** can help people in Leicester who have been involved in an accident on or with a bus. You could be a bus driver, a passenger, another road user — such as a car driver — or a pedestrian. The specifics are unimportant. What matters is that if you have been injured in a bus accident, and it wasn’t your fault, you are likely eligible to claim compensation.

If you believe that you were injured due to someone else’s negligence then call our helpline today and take advantage of a free phone consultation.

No Win No Fee Bus Accident Claims

All of our lawyers ** work on a no win no fee * agreement and will only get paid if your bus accident claim is successful. If you have been injured, then it’s imperative that you act quickly and contact us. With one quick call, we can tell you how much compensation you could be due.

The types of bus accidents that we deal with are very wide and varied. The scenario where you might need to work with a solicitor ** include, but are not limited to:

How the Law Relates to Your Bus Injury

Personal injury law and accident claims legislation states that people can be awarded compensation if there were hurt through no fault of their own. It doesn’t matter if you were a passenger, or a driver, or another road user who was hit.

If the accident was due to someone else’s careless driving, then you will be entitled to use the services of a solicitor to make accident compensation claims in Leicester.

Working Hard to Give You Justice

We work very hard to make sure that all of our clients get the due justice they deserve. This can include recovering compensation and damages not just for your injuries, pain, and suffering, but also for any expenses including loss of earnings/wages.

Our specialist team have been helping people around the UK make successful personal injury claims for over ten years, and in that time have built up a reputation of always going the extra mile for our clients. We want you to receive the best compensation amounts where possible so you can get on with your life as best you can.

How to Make a Bus Accident Claim in Leicester

One call into our team is enough to get started, but we do have some helpful tips and guidelines that you should follow if you have been involved in an accident with a coach in Leicester.

  • Make a note of times, dates, and who the bus driver was
  • Keeps any tickets or receipts from the day and any subsequent expenses
  • Get any witness details such as drivers, passengers, and pedestrians if you can
  • Always seek medical attention as medical records will help with compensation amounts
  • If the police were in attendance then ask for a police report

Those aspects will help us to progress your bus crash claim. Whilst all are not 100% necessary when you first call us, they will be required at some point in order to succeed.

How Much Bus Accident Compensation is Awarded?

How much money you will be awarded depends on multiple factors including:

  • Your pain and suffering
  • Long term health effects and rehabilitation
  • Psychological damages
  • Damage to your property including vehicle
  • Costs of medical care (present and future)
  • Any other related expenses

It’s Unlikely That You Will Attend Court

All drivers on the road, as well as tour operators, bus companies, and chartered coach companies, are required by law to have insurance policies. When you employ us to represent you, our no win no fee * solicitors ** will contact the relevant insurance companies.

From that point we will try to agree on who is to blame and then reach a settlement with all parties. It is very unlikely that you will need to attend a court hearing, as most personal injury claims will be settled outside of it.

If you would like to proceed, or just want to know whether you are eligible then you should call us. If we feel there is a case then one of our Leicester bus accident lawyers ** will represent you and keep you informed each step of the way.

Call today and find out why so many people in Leicester use us when they need financial re-dress for an accident that wasn’t their fault. Lines are open on 0116 214 5630^.

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