Gym Injury Claims in Leicestershire

In the UK, owning a gym membership is now more popular than it’s ever been, and Leicester is no different. There are thousands of people in the city regularly using gyms, sports centres, leisure centres, and swimming pools. However, they are high risks places for accidents, which is why we’re on hand to help people make gym injury claims.

If you have been hurt or injured whilst using gym equipment in Leicester and believe that it was due to third party negligence, then we can help you to claim for personal injury compensation.

Common Types of Gym Injury and Accident Claims

The types of scenarios where you could be able to make a Leicestershire gym injury claim for compensation include:

In simple terms, if there is any scenario in any public such as this where you have been hurt and the fault can be apportioned to a third party, then there’s every chance you could claim.

Compensation Amounts

Gym injury claims will vary in value depending on the injuries’ severity, with most cases being strains and breaks. All parts of the body will have unique compensation guidelines set for them, and factors such as how long it took you to recover and your financial losses will determine the compensation award.

Our solicitors ** all work on a no win no fee* agreement, so we make it that much easier for you to get make a claim.

We Make Gym Injury Claims Simple

When you call us, just tell us what happened, and we can make an instant decision on whether you are eligible to claim. If you are, we will then assign you a personal injury solicitor ** who will manage the case for you.

It’s very unlikely that you would need to attend court, and any compensation will be paid for via the gym’s public liability insurance scheme.

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