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Need to make a compensation claim in Leicester or Leicestershire? Contact us today so that we can connect you to claims solicitors for quick and immediate accident claims advice.

Our no win no fee* solicitors from Friends Legal are friendly and approachable.  Making a claim is simple, because we will do all of the hard work for you, and in most cases will be able to settle a claim outside of court.  Read below to find out how we work and how our process of works.

No Win No Fee* Leicester

Have you been hurt in an accident that was not your fault? Are you seeking the advice of a no win, no fee* solicitor? Do you live in the Leicester and Leicestershire area? If so call us today and allow us to help you seek the compensation you so richly deserve. Our team are specialists when it comes to personal injury claims and work tirelessly for our clients to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

At Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester we understand that being injured in an accident can have a serious effect on your life. We treat all claims with sensitivity and work on this basis in order to give our clients the most compensation to aid their recovery and grant them closure.

How Do Our Solicitors Work?

no win no fee leicester
Lawyers that can represent anyone in the city or county.

Recent Government changes to the way accident claims are processed have helped those injured and who were unable to afford legal representation.  Because of the emergence of no fee lawyers, people in Leicester can now easily obtain the legal services they require with no upfront costs.

Our lawyers are renowned as very approachable, friendly, easy to understand, and with an in-depth knowledge of the law.  This means they can provide tailored advice for our clients. Our fee policy means that if we are unsuccessful in obtaining compensation you will not need to pay for any of the legal advice or representation you received.

As part of Friends Legal Limited we understand that not everyone has the funds to employ an expensive legal team to hold those responsible for their injuries to account, hence we operate exclusively on this basis.

At Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester we buy “after the event” insurance to cover any legal fees if our lawyers are unsuccessful in their case. By doing this we ensure that our clients do not have any cost if their claim is unsuccessful.  This means that any fees our lawyers receive comes from an insurance policy – not your compensation.

If you are struggling financially due to your accident, or perhaps a loss of income as a result of being unable to work, we will strive to bring forward some of the compensation you could be awarded in order to aid you financially through the case.

How Do I Find Out If I Can Make A Claim?

Finding out if you are due compensation could not be simpler. Our team of expert lawyers and customer service team are waiting patiently to help. In order to find out if you can make a claim, call our hotline and helpline number displayed on the top of the website. Our team of no win no fee* lawyers for Leicester will assess your claim, and you can find out if you are due compensation in less than five minutes.

What Do You Pay If You Lose Your Case?

If you are unsuccessful in your accident claim you will not have to pay. This agreement means that there is no risk of any unexpected costs.

What Do You Pay If Your Claim Is Successful

If we are successful in obtaining compensation for the injuries you received then we will take a minimal fee for our services. This is also known as a success fee, however at Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester, we pride ourselves on working for our clients. We take a minimal fee to show our commitment to our client. To cover legal expenses and time, our solicitors can charge up to 25% of the settlement sum on the result of a successful claim. If you are not successful you do not pay anything.

no win no fee solicitors leicestershire
We cover the county of Leicestershire and all the local towns.

How Much Is My Accident Claim Worth?

It is difficult to measure exactly how much a personal injury claim is worth initially, however our lawyers will be able to give you an estimated figure when you make an enquiry. The amount your personal injury claim could be worth will depend on numerous matters such as;

  • The extent of your injuries
  • Any income lost as a result of your accident or loss of employment
  • Insurance costs
  • Any mental traumas suffered as a result of your injuries
  • The impact on family life or lifestyle changes required as a result of your accident

By taking statements and using evidence provided by our clients, our team of specialist representatives will be able to assess how much your claim is worth. Whilst your claim may be settled out of court, our Leicester specialists will be able to use their wealth of experience and knowledge to get the best outcome for you as well as the compensation you deserve.

You will normally receive compensation within 14-28 days of your personal injury case being decided.

What Types of Injury Are Covered?

We cover numerous types of injuries, from accidents at work, slips, trips and falls, vehicle accidents, whiplash claims, criminal compensation, medical negligence and any respiratory illnesses or injury claims. If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, even if was not listed above, contact us today. We believe that if you are involved in an accident and are injured as a result, you have the right to hold those responsible to account.

Why Should You Choose Our Team & Services

We are part of Friends Legal Limited, which holds a stellar reputation across the country. Our team pride themselves on knowing the area, being approachable, friendly and getting the best deals for clients.

With a proven track record of success and our staff will look to continue this in your personal injury claim. We are an authorised and regulated law practice seeking the best for all of our clients. By employing the services of a solicitor from our team you will have an experienced team working for you and support and advice throughout your personal injury claim.

No Win No Fee Solicitors Leicester – Policy

Our no win, no fee* policy means that our clients run no risk of paying any unexpected bills with nothing to pay unless your claim is successful. Furthermore our after event insurance means that even if your claim is unsuccessful all legal costs are covered for you.

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